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Our Monterey and Santa Cruz Studios...
... feature the work of Joseph Pilates, the GYROTONIC® Expansion System, GYROKINESIS®, the Franklin Method of Imagery and Movement and a complete Educational System for Instructor Training in Pilates, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis.



headshotThe Somatic Mechanic Blog
From the ancient greek, "soma" is translated as "body". In modern English, "somatics" has a specific connotation, usually indicating some type of intervention that takes both body and mind into consideration. In this collection, we explore Pilates, mind-body fitness, movement, biomechanics, imagery, and related research and articles.

The Foot Mechanic Blog
This is a separate collection of posts about feet: biomechanics, fitness, exercises, fashion, etc.

DSCF2933_2The Art of Mastering Movement
Stephanie's blog about Pilates and movement.
Santa Cruz Studio
Director: Stephanie Spencer, MFA

Stephanie's passion for movement and body mechanics led her to accomplishing a graduate degree in dance studies, choreography and aesthetics from the University of London, Laban Centre as well as a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance from the California Institute of the Arts.  She has performed and taught internationally for the past twelve years.

Stephanie's goal for Pacific Movement Center is to create a unique and innovative educational movement facility for individuals who have a desire to learn more about their own bodies while helping others.  This holds true if you are a private client, or studying to become a movement trainer.

Monterey Studio
Director: Donna Luder 831-206-0725

Donna has been practicing Pilates since 1993 when she began using the method to improve her dance technique.  She was the first Pilates instructor in Monterey when she opened her studio in 1997.  At that time, few of the locals knew what Pilates was! 
She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and further certifications with Eric Franklin. 
Her certifications include:
--Pilates Instructor, awarded by Marie-Jose Blom-Lawrence of Long Beach Dance Conditioning 1997
--PMA-certified Pilates Instructor
--GYROTONIC® Level 1, awarded by Juliu Horvath, founder/creator of the GYROTONIC Method 1998
--Franklin Method, awarded by Eric Franklin, author/creator of the Franklin Method, 2004, 2006
--GYROTONIC® Ladder, awarded by Master Trainer Debra Rose of San Francisco GYROTONIC, 2001
--GYROTONER®, awarded by Master Trainer Debra Rose of San Francisco GYROTONIC (2000) and Lisa Marie Goodwin of Angel City Body Kinetics (2006)

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